Compatibility is the main thing to choose one’s PC components. It does not matter from which manufacturer you are buying these PC parts. Many PC builders stumble against a question when they are trying to build a PC as a beginner. That is “Can one use AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU?” or Can I use Intel CPU with AMD GPU?” As we have mentioned before, the same manufacturer does not matter in the time of building a PC. You can definitely mix them. 

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Yes, you can use AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU if they are compatible with each other and the motherboard. Also, your PSU has to have enough power to feed them. If everything is set, you can choose whichever manufacturer you want.

Be it an AMD CPU with an Nvidia GPU or AMD CPU with an Intel GPU, it is really okay if they are compatible with your motherboard and your PSU has enough power for them. However, it does not mean you can not use an AMD CPU with an AMD GPU. 

If your PC case has enough space for them and your PSU has enough power to supply for them, run for it. The most important thing is the compatibility with the motherboard. You will have to check the socket, PCI-e bridge as the CPU and GPU communicate through the PCI Express Lanes. Also, for better performance, you should check if the GPU bottlenecks or not. In terms of gaming, GPU bottleneck is actually a better thing because that way GPU’s potential is used to the max. 

If you match up those things before buying the CPU and GPU, you can buy it from any manufacturer you want- Be it an AMD CPU with an Nvidia GPU or an Intel CPU with an Nvidia GPU.

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